who we are

beatrice gnassi

Pleased to meet you, I'm Beatrice, I was born in Tuscany where I studied literature and I have a masters degree in translation. I’ve been working for Amnesty International since forever. I left a piece of my heart in Dublin where I lived for 10 years, only to return to the banks of river Arno. But my passion remains traveling, both on planes and with books. I listen to music only at extremely high volume and I read non-fiction and fiction written exclusively by women: Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter by Simone de Beauvoir truly changed my life.

What is feminism for me? It’s a way of looking at and changing the world. It is sisterhood and listening. It is a necessity.

clara stella

Ciao! I am Clara, I am a vegetarian and I have just crossed the threshold of thirty: in the recent years I have lived in the rain in England, in the cold in Norway and now I bask blissfully under the glorious sun in Rome. I am a researcher with a PhD on female poetry of the Renaissance. Currently I work with prophetesses, writers and saints who lived between the 16th and 17th centuries and their impact on the political climate of the epoch. I love wandering along the Appian Way, doing yoga and getting lost in the alleys of a city by turning off the navigator. If I had to choose my favorite book, in addition to the Prophecies of Santa Brigida, I would choose the Neapolitan quadrilogy by Elena Ferrante and L'ibisco viola by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

What will I do when I grow up? Continue to discover and publish the talented writing of past and contemporary women.

hanna suni

Hello and welcome among us! My name is Hanna, I was born and raised in Finland but my studies and career brought me to one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Rome. I am a graphic designer and illustrator, and I specialized in Communication and Marketing in Helsinki in 1999 and then in Milan with Publitalia in 2001. Since then, I have continued to update my skills and have fun with graphics, colors, animations and the world of digital publishing. I play the keyboard in a band, love to bake chocolate cakes, do the sauna and have visited dozens of countries with my two boys and my husband. When I have time for myself, I get lost in the books of Finnish authors Sofi Oksanen, Rosa Liksom and Emmi Itäranta. Oh yes, I forgot: I translated Aino Suhola's poems into Italian and I never cease to include my beloved Finland in everything I do.

My motto? For an incorrigible optimist it can only be… Enthusiasm moves the world!

valentina torrini

Hi, I'm Valentina and my accent immediately reveals I’m from Florence! For 13 years I have been working in the world of cinema, that of exhibitors: needless to say, I have been passionate about film clubs since I was little. I enrolled at the University of Florence with the dream of becoming a human rights advocate, but then my passion for films prevailed and I dropped out of the administrative law exam to enroll in the degree course in Design and Management of Events in Arts and Entertainment. I’ve tried belly dancing, synchronized swimming, painting and ceramics, but my real passions are books and the sea. I admit, my guilty pleasure is the 90s and I still dance to the tune of "Oops I did it again" by dear Britney.

Which film would I recommend? All films by Agnès Varda: they are delicate, original and very powerful. One above the others is One sings, the other doesn't; I also adore Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola. I will unveil my other favourites in my guide on feminist cinema, soon be published by Le plurali!


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