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Le bussole (compasses) is a series of pocket-sized feminist guides. Handy and colorful, you can always carry them with you in order to orient yourself in the maze of feminist galaxies, finding the stars that best suit your needs. The pages of our bussole talk about what you see around you: they can offer you solutions, but above they will raise some important questions. Like a compass, they will help you find direction in the waves of cinema, sexuality, health, finance and many more important topics.

Le radici (roots) is the series that unites unpublished texts from the past as well as those longer in circulation in Italy, published in the 20th century, or before. They might also be books that help you learn more about the lives of female authors of the past. These books are written by or talk about the pioneers of feminism that perhaps no-one told you about. Knowing who was here before us is essential because it helps us consolidate our present as active and aware protagonists. From sixteenth-century proto-feminism to the novels of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries written by authors who unfortunately have been forgotten: you can expect to rediscover what should not have been lost and that le plurali have promptly brought back to your local library or in your backpack.

Le cantastorie (storytellers) is our contemporary fiction series. You will find the voices of women who recount the world in different forms: novels, utopias, autobiographies and biographies. Le cantastorie evoke a traditional figure who forged the culture of a community through oral storytelling and the way in which society narrated itself. Authors from different cultural and ethnical backgrounds take their turn, each with her own unique voice and story to tell, born from the imagination and experiences of life.

Le sagge (the wise) series collects the wisdom of women. It is dedicated to non-fiction books that address many different themes from a feminist perspective with a sparkling tone: from gender performance to ecology, from the use of sexist language to racism. Scholars and academics from different fields share their wisdom and knowledge, often guiding us into the most complex of debates: a plurality of voices that dismantle the "normality" in which we grow up and often risk taking for granted.

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