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le plurali

Le plurali is a feminist, independent, intersectional, curious publishing house.

Le plurali publishes nonfiction and fiction books, written exclusively by female authors. We have an eye for unpublished manuscripts, translate books that you can't find in Italian and republish stories that cannot be found in bookstores anymore. We also offer guides to orient yourself among feminist galaxies. The symbol we adopted for our brand is a colorful stain: unique and original, sometimes stains are born by chance, yet together with other stains they form a network and become signs, syllables, words and incredible stories of heroines of the present and past.

Gloria Steinem


We believe and invest in the professional talent of women. Behind every project there is always an author, a proofreader, a graphic designer and a dream that required passion and commitment. We work for women and with women: we believe that our work should be valued, respected and rightfully compensated.


Guided by our intellect and intuition, we think independently. We carefully choose each book we publish and follow every project in its smallest details, from the very beginning until the end. We collaborate with a small Umbrian printing house that uses renewable energy to print on ecological quality paper. We treat our books as if they were jewels and our ebooks are produced following accessibility parameters.


We identify ourselves in intersectional and intergenerational feminism, which takes into account the complexity of the different, global realities. There are about 3.64 billion women in the world; how could their stories ever be all the same? We adopt an inclusive language that valorizes, listens and does not judge.


We look into the future. We offer print and digital versions of all our books: we love to experiment with the digital and will soon be producing audio books, also. We are always ready to dive into new genres with emerging or rediscovered authors. Our catalog ranges from a guide to feminist cinema to the rising stars of Irish feminism. We are curious to flip through pages of new or forgotten experiences and collaborate with emerging groups.

Margaret Atwood

le plurali is a publishing house always on the go: you, too, should become “unica ma plurale”!

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